St Patrick's R C Primary School

Learn. Grow. Shine.

My Happy Mind

We started our myHappymind journey in January 2023 to support the children's mental health and wellbeing.  We are delighted to be a myHappymind school! myHappymind is an award winning program for schools and nurseries, families and organisations. It teaches preventative habits that support mental health, resilience and self-esteem. All the concepts that are taught are based on science and research and grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology. myHappymind is commissioned by the NHS. 


We have set up our own Happiness Heroes team to spread happiness around school and support others with their wellbeing through techniques such as Happy Breathing. Our myHappymind representatives consist of two children from each class. They are currently busy applying for the Bronze acreditation! 


myHappymind modules include: Meet the Brain, Celebrate, Gratitude, Relate and Engage.

For more information, please read below or speak with Mrs Rodriguez, our myHappymind Champion. There is also a myHappymind app for parents and carers. See information on Seesaw about how to access the app with lots of free resources to support your child at home with their learning and mental health support strategies.


Our Headteacher Mrs Hindley:

"Our school is a happy place of learning and this is due to the care we have taken to put the well-being of our children and the teaching team at the heart of our development.  The “My Happy Mind” programme is engaging and educational, whilst supporting our children to understand their emotions and to know how to express their feelings.  This programme, coupled with the exceptional support for our dedicated educators, is enhancing our core mission to allow our children to learn, grow and shine."

Miss Baloch, Y3:

"MyHappymind has had a great impact on the children in Year 3. The children love learning about how their brain works, their different character strengths and the importance of appreciating things that they have in life. The children have incorporated the happy breathing into their day-to-day life and regularly use the different breathing techniques when they are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or angry. The songs are catchy, uplifting and motivating. The children always ask if they can sing some of the songs. myHappymind teaches children important transferable skills that they need when faced with the ups and downs of life. "

Mrs Crosby, Y5:

 "We have enjoyed the myHappymind lessons in Y5, particularly writing in our journals and the children have said it has allowed them to express how they feel about certain situations."

Miss Young, a Governor of St Patrick's:

"Governors are clearly impressed with the myHappymind scheme and the positive impact it has had on the children. It is encouraging that so many pupils have engaged with the programme."

Mrs Stevenson, a Governor of St Patrick's:

"The benefits of the programme, delivered weekly at the same time throughout school, using the same language and building on the same principles, are already having a positive impact on children’s resilience and well-being. It has been particularly valuable for those children showing signs of anxiety in school and also in supporting staff well-being. The staff and children are fully invested in myHappymind and it is wonderful to see the science and the messages are instinctively and routinely applied on a day-to-day basis. "

Parental Feedback:

"For myHappymind to continue would greatly benefit us all in our daily life and how to deal with different emotions better."

"My Granddaughter receives wonderful support for her struggles with her emotions and to make sense of her feelings from the school and the resources help such a lot. Expanding this scheme would be fantastic, not just for her but for all of the children."

"It is very important for the children to identify the feelings and ask for support if they needed. This program allow them to speak up freely about how they feel."