St Patrick's R C Primary School

G.I.F.T Chaplaincy Team


In January 2022, the following children became the new G.I.F.T. Chaplains  – Aidan, Joshua B, Jaxon, Ella, Daisy, Jasmine, Alexa, Emilia, Jacob P, Matthew

They had previously prepared and presented to Mrs Hindley and Year 4 a short presentation on why they would like to be on the G.I.F.T chaplaincy team at St Patrick’s.

G.I.F.T stands for Growing in Faith Together.  All the children will work as a team to support and develop the Catholic life of the school and the 5 Ws -Welcome, Word, Witness, Welfare and Worship.

They will also support a specific class, prepare and help to run the Rosary Group in May and October, help to prepare and take part in Masses and suggest charitable fundraising.

This year, Mrs. Wright has generously agreed to support the children.  Thank you Mrs. Wright!