St Patrick's R C Primary School

Learn. Grow. Shine.

Values & Ethos

Long Term Aims and Values

“Since true education must strive for the complete formation of the human person that looks to his or her final end as well as to the common good of societies, children and youth are to be nurtured in such a way that they are able to develop their physical, moral and intellectual talents harmoniously, acquire a more perfect sense of responsibility and right use of freedom, and are formed to participate actively in social life.”

At St Patrick’s we aim therefore to work together with governors and parents to provide the best we can for all our children.  We seek to always develop meaningful relationships which support each individual to reach his/her true potential in an environment of love, value and respect for each other.  We seek to be academically distinguished and as outstanding as other schools in the area and within the Diocese of Salford.  With Christ by our side the community of St Patrick’s may “have life and have it to the full” (John 10.10)

To this aim we have a long term vision which encompasses the following areas.

  • To assist the church in its mission of making Christ known to all the children at St Patrick’s.
  • To ensure the Mission Statement is explicit in rooting the life of our school in the person of Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • To promote the Gospel values based on the Beatitudes as an integral part of our mission
  • To provide a broad and balanced education that will help our children grow to their full human potential, recognising each child’s uniqueness and individuality.
  • To strive for the highest standards in all areas of the Religious Education and National Curriculum
  • To empower the children to become “thinking,” people seeing their place in God’s creation, making decisions that effect their own lives, and the lives of others
  • To instil in each child, a sense of responsibility, self-respect, confidence and self-discipline
  • To provide a differentiated curriculum that meets each child’s individual needs and abilities thus promoting academic achievement and excellence for all
  • To offer a curriculum which is characterised by effective teaching and extends the children’s progress
  • To develop a strong partnership between the home, the parish and St Patrick’s school.
  • To assist parents in the education and religious formation of their children and recognise them as the primary and principal educators.
Pastoral care, support and guidance
  • To ensure we have clear policies and structures in place, which provide pastoral care to our children and excellent provision for children with special educational needs
  • To establish a caring and secure atmosphere for all the children
  • To foster the children’s well-being, providing the pastoral support, which will enable them to fulfil their potential
  • To seek to work collaboratively with, and support other Catholic schools in the local area and throughout the Diocese of Salford
Code of Conduct
  • To ensure we have a clear behaviour policy that is implemented throughout the school, setting out expectations for children and adults based on the Gospel values. This policy demonstrates the importance of personal responsibility and the need for justice but also facilitates healing and reconciliation through a process of restorative practice.
Religious Education
  • To teach Religious Education as a core subject, to ensure it is well resourced and integrated into other curriculum areas.
  • To provide a Religious Education which enables our children to be confident and secure in their own religious faith, as well being knowledgeable and respectful of other religions.
  • To teach classroom religious education as a rigorous discipline, which makes a significant contribution to the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of a Christian life
Liturgy and Prayer
  • To ensure that regular liturgical celebrations and daily prayers will be at the heart of St Patrick’s
  • To develop prayer, worship and liturgy as active learning experiences
  • To attend to the spiritual needs of our children as a constant priority
Leadership and Management
  • To model leadership by the image and life of Christ in our daily work at St Patrick’s
Buildings and Physical signs
  • To uphold the dignity of the human person through the ongoing programme of refurbishment and maintenance of the school building and, through external and internal symbols and displays, manifest the centrality of Christ and the Catholic faith in our school
Charitable outreach
  • To endeavour to support, as far as possible, Catholic charities, missionary projects and other local and global enterprises which support the needy, poor and marginalised in society