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RE – The 5 W’s

What imaginative,creative children we have at St. Patrick’s! Well done to everybody who took part in this optional project.

Our whole school RE Christmas project homework

Introduction to the 5 Ws Framework for Review, Evaluation and Celebration of our Catholic Schools

Our Catholic schools are an essential part of the mission of the Church.  They are called by the Lord Himself to proclaim and affirm that we are all created in the image and likeness of God our Father and they are to strive to promote the dignity of every man, woman and child.  The work of the Catholic school is to enable each person to call forth their unique God given gifts in the love and service of both God and others.

The Diocese of Salford recognises the importance of review, self-evaluation and celebration as a continuous process that is complemented by regular external inspection.  The 5 Ws Framework provides both the school and the Bishop with a means of ensuring that matters of significant importance such as the Catholic life of the school, teaching and learning are recognised and supported.

This will be carried out by focusing on the following areas:








These form the foundations for the overall effectiveness of the Catholic school.

The Diocese seeks to assist schools in its continuing work of self-evaluation through the identification of particular strengths, areas requiring particular improvement, and of progress made since the last inspection as well as the celebration of all that is good, true and beautiful in the school.

The arrangements for the Section 48 Inspections (Education Act 2005) enable the Church to assess systematically the work of Catholic schools.  They also provide an opportunity to support, challenge, evaluate and promote this vital work in the Mission of the Church. The Review, Evaluation and Celebration process will be set within the context of the requirements of Canon Law and the teaching of the Church regarding its Mission in Catholic Education and of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory which continues “to place religious education at the very heart of the curriculum in our schools, where it righly belongs.  It will help parents, priests and teachers to hand on the Deposit of Faith in its fullness to a new generation of young people so that they may come to understand the richness of the Catholic faith, and thereby be drawn into a deeper communion with Christ in his Church”

(The 5 Ws Framework for Review, Evaluation and Celebration in our Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Salford)


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