St Patrick's R C Primary School

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Shamrock Club

The Shamrock Club (before and after school paid-for care) 


We are very fortunate to offer wraparound care for pupils of all ages from 7:30am – 5:30pm each day through our Shamrock Club. The club is run by Mrs. Cross, supported by Mrs. Wright, Miss Ahmed, and Miss Banks. It is delivered on site (either in the school hall in the winter or the school field in the summer). 

It is established under three core values:  

  • Friendship 
  • Play 
  • Care 

Session times are: 

  • Mornings from 7.30 am until school starts.  
  • Afternoons from the end of school until no later than 5.30 pm. 


Times for dropping off and picking up are flexible within these hours.  

Session fees are: 

Mornings – first child  £3.50 
Mornings – second or more child  £3.50 
Afternoons – first child  £8.50 
Afternoons – second or more child  £7.50 
Other fees  £2.50 late booking fee (less than 24 hours’ notice) 


Session fees are subject to annual review. 

Collection arrangements: 


To collect children from the club, parents should ring the doorbell positioned on the wall at door to the main school entrance or call 07907 022285. 


A healthy snack, including fresh fruit and vegetables, is provided at both morning and afternoon sessions. The food provided at the afternoon session is not intended as a substitute for a main evening meal.  




New bookings should be made through this on-line form or alternatively, by calling the school office.  If you have a pre-existing booking, please contact the school office to amend.   


Please note that when a pupil is no longer able to attend a booked session, it is the parents’ and carers’ responsibility to cancel it in advance, irrespective of whether the session is to be missed due to absence from school or alternative plans. Uncancelled sessions may be charged for.  


Payment arrangements: 


For reasons of efficiency, accuracy, and hygiene, we aim to be a cashless school. Please use the school’s Scopay system to pay for sessions at the Shamrock Club.  Statements are issued at the start of each month and include fees until the end of the month.  Payment is in advance of sessions.   

Please note that it is strict school policy to withdraw chargeable services (e.g., school meals and sessions at the Shamrock Club) where debts reach more than £50 on any single account.